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Louise Byström

Louise Byström


Louise has a BA in law and studied marketing and accounting in Sweden. She is an active member of many different associations ...

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Gaby Salazar-de Vet

Gaby Salazar-de Vet


Gaby obtained a Bachelor degree cum laude in Translation / Interpreting from the University of Limburg in the Netherlands in the languages Dutch, English and Mandarin Chinese ...

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Published: 04/01/11


The air is full of flowers wherever you go or look and this means only one thing; Spring! In Taipei city we have more than that - the Taipei International Flora Exposition is on going until April 25 2011. Make sure to visit the expo, at least once ...

Published: 02/01/11

Happy Holiday Season !

January is the beginning of a New Year in the western part of the world and February 2011 is the beginning of the Chinese New Year! Celebrations will go on for a long time during this year ...

Published: 12/01/10

Traveling Time

This is the time of the year when many people travel for business and/or for pleasure. To meet up with family and friends is at all times an enjoyment. At times it might be a bit stressful due to various reasons. Rest assured, that with our magazine at hand you will find guidance for any visitor to discover exciting places without being accompanied by a local person ...

Published: 10/01/10

On the Bike

Over the years Taiwan has been blessed with many new bicycle paths. Many have taken advantage of these and many tours have been organized. Once again bicycle lovers will have an opportunity to get on the bike and take pleasure in "Taiwan Cycling Festival", starting Saturday, October 16. For more information please see back cover ...

Published: 09/01/10

Different Activities

Once again we can see a lot of activities going on in Taiwan. Taipei has many museums with high international standards, of which we have mentioned a few on page 28. Taipei Fine Arts Museum, see page 10, once again spoils us with another exciting exhibition: the Taipei Biennial ...

Published: 08/01/10

Summer in the city

July and August are normally the months most people have their vacations and many expats are leaving Taiwan to spend some time with family and friends in their home country. It can also be that family and friends are coming to visit this beautiful island, perhaps for the first time ...

Published: 06/01/10

The Largest Trade Show of the year

Computex, Taipei's international technology show, will be held June 1 - 5 at the Taipei World Trade Center Exhibition Hall and the Taipei World Trade Center Nangang Exhibition Hall. This is overall the main trade show of the year in Taiwan, which can expect many visitors and exhibitors. Make sure to have reservations well in advance for lunch and dinner ...

Published: 05/01/10

Summer is coming

May means that the weather is getting warmer and we need to change our wardrobe. Traveling to Taiwan means you can travel light and leave all the winter clothes at home. Why not take a chance for some good deals when you are here? On page 32, we give you some ideas on where to go for shopping and also how to read the discount signs in Taiwan, which are different from other places ...

Published: 04/01/10

Time to play - time for reflection

During the month of April, we have three major "holidays" to celebrate: Women and Children's Day on April 4 and Tomb Sweeping Day on Monday, April 5, a non-working holiday in Taiwan. Around the world, people are going to celebrate Easter, the greatest feast-day in the Christian calendar which marks the resurrection of Jesus Christ and falls on Sunday, April 4 this year ...

Published: 03/01/10

Spring Is In The Air

After all the celebrations - Christmas, New Year, Chinese New Year and Valentine's Day - I think most of us would like to go back to our daily routines and try to be outdoors as much as possible before the weather starts to be very hot and humid ...

Published: 02/01/10

Happy New Year
The Year of the Tiger - 2010

Chinese New Year is going to be celebrated around the world starting on Saturday, February 13 - which is the New Year's Eve - and ending on Sunday the 28th with the Lantern Festival. This time of year is the most important in Chinese tradition. Lavish parties with family and friends will be held, red colour paper-cuts and couplets with themes of "happiness, wealth and longevity" will decorate windows and doors, and hong bao (red envelopes) will be give ...

Published: 01/01/10

Happy New Year
2010 will be the year of the Tiger

We at Taiwan this Month hope you have had a nice holiday wherever you have been, and now ready for new challenges during 2010 ...

Published: 12/01/09

Holiday Season in Taiwan

The month of December is the holiday season in the western calendar when both Christmas and New Year are celebrated. Over the years these holidays have become more and more widely accepted and celebrated in Taiwan as well. You will find Christmas decorations, gifts, special food items, cultural events and much more focusing on the holidays. Check out our shopping and entertainment pages for more details ...

Published: 11/01/09

Taipei is constantly changing

Once again Taipei will see a major change within the hospitality industry. A new hotel, for Taiwan, is opening its doors to us. Novotel Hotels, Taoyuan International Airport, will open November 1st, 2009. A first class international hotel next to the fast growing airport is very welcome indeed. We wish them all success in their business here in Taiwan! Welcome ...

Published: 10/01/09

The Deaflympics

The Deaflympics, held in Taipei September 5 - 15 was a success, not only for the athletes but also for the city. Talking to some of the medalists, from different countries, the overall feeling was that the organization, transportation, hotels etc during the games went very well. They found it easy to move around in the city with a cheap, clean and fast mass rapid transit system (the MRT). Above all they found the Taiwanese people very friendly and helpful. Congratulations to all the athletes and to Taipei, well done! ...

Published: 09/01/09

Typhoon Morakot

Typhoon Morakot hit Taiwan Aug. 7-9, unleashing 3,000 millimeters of rainfall (the annual average) on the southern part of the island. This caused massive flooding and mudslides in mountainous areas ...

Published: 08/01/09

Revel in Diverse Activities
Multicultural, International Taiwan

With 500,000 people, the indigenous make up about 2 percent of Taiwan's population. There are 14 officially recognized tribes, each with its own distinctive culture. Most of these groups produce fine handicrafts that can be purchased not only in their respective part of Taiwan but also in some special shops. Let us tell you where ...

Published: 07/01/09

What's Hot This Summer

Everyone in Taiwan is talking about the World Games in Kaohsiung. The event kicks off with an extravaganza ceremony at the city's Main Stadium July 16 at 7.30 pm. The arena is the first in the world to use solar energy in keeping with its green-building code. Best of all, the spiral-shaped ceiling and saddle-shaped structure guarantee a fabulous view to all spectators. Visitors can hop on the city's convenient Kaohsiung Mass Rapid Transit (KMRT) to get from event to event ...

Published: 06/01/09

Taiwan this Month Celebrates Success during First Three Months

June marks the beginning of summer, and with that comes one of Taiwan's largest trade shows: Computex. At this year's event - with a record 1,800 exhibitors - netbook computers are front and center. The fair also attracts 35,000 international buyers. Taiwan This Month is getting the word out, while providing any visitors with great places to shop, dine and party ...

Published: 05/01/09

Wishing you a pleasant stay in Taiwan

The month of May generally brings beautiful sunny days to Taiwan. It is still not too hot to enjoy outdoor activities but the idea of a dip in a pleasant swimming pool becomes more and more tempting. Effectively the American Club in China (ACC) is at present offering a fantastic membership deal that is very appealing. As Mr. Brian Asmus, says: "The private member club is a luxurious haven where you can make global connections and lifelong friends in a relaxed and sociable setting". A visitor to Taiwan, member of a hometown club, may have access to the ACC through a reciprocal agreement, give the club a call and find out! ...

Published: 04/01/09

Holiday Season in Taiwan

Taiwan is now showing it's self from the most beautiful part. Spring is here with warm breezes, pleasant mornings and evenings with temperatures that makes it pleasant for outdoor life. Nature once again wakes up to make us aware of the pleasant smell of flowers, herbs and fresh air for us to enjoy! ...

Published: 03/01/09

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Taiwan is now showing it's self from the most beautiful part. Spring is here with warm breezes, pleasant mornings and evenings with temperatures that makes it pleasant for outdoor life. Nature once again wakes up to make us aware of the pleasant smell of flowers, herbs and fresh air for us to enjoy! ...