Taiwan this Month


Published: 02/01/11

Taipei International Flora Expo

The Pavilion of New Fashion, is a fascinating structure of recycled Pet bottles that has eco-friendly and energy-efficient LED lights inside. The bottles also let the daylight enter to give the extraordinary clothes shine in their own fabulous way. Most impressive creations with a lot of symbolism! It must be seen ...

Published: 12/01/10

Taipei American School

Taipei American School is known for its rigorous academic program, dynamic integration of technology across the curriculum, extensive cocurricular activities, rich history of community service in Taiwan and Asia, and signature fine arts programs...

Published: 10/01/10

Information to Count On

October is the beginning of the autumn, a beautiful time of the year wherever you are in the world ...

Published: 09/01/10

2010 Taipei Biennial

As one of the most important international art exhibitions in Taiwan, the Taipei Biennial has been the leading platform of contemporary art since 1998. This year, as the seventh exhibition TB10 will attempt to revise the current cultural production, especially the event itself. Through the reexamination of the political elements in art, the definition of modern art development and Biennial effect will be reviewed. This exhibition explores the artistic world, pushes the boundaries of traditional methods and the manufacture of cultural knowledge. Critiques and advises towards the TB10, various events and incidents are also added to become a part of the show; in total, 37 pieces created by 23 groups of artists are exhibited ...

Published: 08/01/10

Taiwan Exhibition & Convention Industry Show
Kaohsiung Food Show 2010

EXCO 2010 will take place from the 6th to 10th of October at the Taipei World Trade Center. A total of 8 major sections will be displayed in EXCO 2010, including Venue Owners, PEO/PCOs, Contractors & Space Design Services, Related Services & Suppliers, MICE Integrated Marketing, Education & Training for MICE, Destination/City Pavilions, and MICE Services from China. This show is expected to attract more than 6,000 visitors from home and abroad ...

Published: 07/01/10

Flowers of Taiwan

Taiwan-grown orchids won a silver medal at the 2010 Chelsea Flower Show in London. More than 600 famous florists and horticulturists from around the world took part in the famous Chelsea Flower Show Exhibition which took place May 25 - 29 this year. The event attracted over a hundred thousand visitors and Queen Elizabeth praised the delicacy of Taiwanese orchids during her stop at the Taiwan booth at the prominent flower exhibition ...

Published: 06/01/10

Bluefin Tuna Cultural Festival

Each year from May to July, Pingtung County celebrates the Bluefin Tuna Festival. More precisely the festival is held in the Dapeng Bay National Scenic Area ...

Published: 05/01/10

Taiwan Spirit

Freedom of religion is a right to all the people of Taiwan. The traditional beliefs are Taoism, Buddhism and Christianity as well as other small traditional folk beliefs. Lately, meditation has become popular together with yoga, which many people almost consider their method of worship. Most Taiwanese do not focus on one God, but on a pantheon of gods and goddesses. Religious practice in Taiwan includes a mixture of Buddhist and Taoist deities, and an assortment of historical figures is also worshipped ...

Published: 04/01/10

Novotel Taipei Taoyuan International Airport

5 minutes from touch-down to check-in. Free shuttle to city centre is daily available. 360 fully equipped rooms and suites with views across the airport runways, multi-cuisine dining restaurant, signature Chinese food, bar, spa ...

Published: 03/01/10

Taipei American School

Taipei American School is known for its rigorous academic program, dynamic integration of technology across the curriculum, extensive cocurricular activities, rich history of community service in Taiwan and Asia, and signature fine arts programs. TAS offers an exemplary American-based education with a global perspective that prepares all students academically and ethically for success at university and in life in a rapidly changing world ...

Published: 02/01/10

Lantern Festival

Celebrations are very important in our lives. These are the times when we would like to share happiness with our family and friends, whether it's a birthday, a wedding anniversary or a graduation ...

Published: 01/01/10


A Unique Design Hotel Near Taipei Arena

Inspired by real insights into the modern traveler, HOTEL QUOTE Taipei provides an experience that is most relevant to our guests without sacrificing that certain refinement ...

Published: 12/01/09

Joyful starry night, sparkling Christmas time

To celebrate Christmas of 2009, a 13,5 meter tall silver Christmas tree will be raised by the Taichung City Government in the city hall square, sending out blessing and prayers for each and everyone ...

Published: 11/01/09

1ST Novotel, New Arrival in Taiwan

Novotel Taipei Taoyuan International Airport

NOVOTEL, an international hotel chain from France (ACCOR), cooperates with China Airlines (CAL) will open Novotel Taipei Taoyuan International Airport in November. The cooperation marks the first Accor hotel and the first international hotel, which funded by China Airlines in Taiwan ...

Published: 10/01/09

When people get together

In times of hardship or when Mother Nature strikes with the unusual, people do get together. We saw this happen after Typhoon Morakot hit Taiwan Aug 7~9, unleashing 3,000 millimeters of rainfall (more than the annual average for that area) in the southern part of Taiwan ...

Published: 09/01/09

Taipei Hosts Deaflympics

Taiwan this Month welcomes all Deaflympics athletes, coaches, assistants, family members, fans and spectators. We believe that you will find Taipei a most enjoyable city not only for the sports, but also for the many attractions and, most important, the people. Numerous citizens are volunteering their time and effort to assist all participants in the Games in any way possible ...

Published: 08/01/09

Art Taipei 2009

This year, Art Taipei returns with a new artistic direction with the support from Taipei's Museum of Contemporary Art. Based on the annual theme "Art and the Environment", the project explores the relationship between humans and the environment, particularly conflicts and balance ...

Published: 07/01/09

2010 Taipei International
Floral Exposition

By an unprecedented waterfront entrance in 2010 Taipei International Floral Exposition, Taipei will make a new world record!

Taipei is the seventh city in Asia to host such a world-class expo, which will kick off in November 2010. Authorized by the International Association of Horticultural Producers, the event is being held for the first time ever in Taiwan's capital ...

Published: 06/01/09

Taiwan this Month Celebrates Success during First Three Months

Now available in 19 countries, and 200 fine establishments in Taiwan

Taiwan This Month - the newest, most comprehensive tourist guide in Taiwan - has made tremendous progress during its first three months. The founders and staff have worked hand-in-hand to deliver the most accurate and interesting information to you - our readers ...

Published: 05/01/09

American Club
Welcome Home!

By  Brian Asmus

The American Club in China (ACC) delivers the best that Taipei has to offer to the international community - camaraderie, sports, entertainment, fine dining and relaxation - all together in one unique place. The private member club is a luxurious haven where you can make global connections and lifelong friends in a relaxed and sociable setting ...

Published: 04/01/09

Nordic: "New Luxury" lifestyle

Close your eyes for a moment and think North Europe; snow, fresh air, clean water, green forest and midnight sun ...

Published: 03/01/09


A new landmark for Tainan

Shangri-La's Far Eastern Plaza Hotel, 38 stories high, is a landmark of Tainan city. The hotel has 336 luxurious guestrooms with an average size of 50 square meters, the most spacious in Tainan. All guestrooms have panoramic views thanks to the buildings remarkable design. For business travelers, the Horizon Club offers guests special amenities and privileges such as express check-in and -out, an exclusive club lounge for daily breakfast and evening cocktails, and meeting facilities ...